Snowy, Parachuting Adventure

Last night’s dream:

For some reason, Chris and I went with my parents to Abercrombie & Fitch so my mom can return something. My dad and Chris were looking around and talking while we waited. I approached my dad who was looking at a long sleeve shirt rack that had shirts with Biggie, Tupac, basketballs, etc on them and we talked about how much the store had changed. We joked about their 2 for $50 sale on shirts being a joke, but my dad said him and my mom always wanted to give my sisters and I whatever we wanted to wear. Chris and I told my dad we were going to the sportswear store and then heading out to go parachuting in the snowy mountains up the road. My dad said he would come with us to the sports store because it has been a while since he’s been in one.

I was looking for another pair of Russell basketball shorts, like my white pair, but in a different color. I ended up getting a green pair so I could wear them when we went parachuting in the snow….. My dad makes a comment how I don’t change my variety/style much just buying the same thing I already have in a different color. We laugh then Chris and I tell him we will talk to him later. We go pay for the shorts and leave.

Chris and I arrive at the snowy mountain area to see a lot of people doing some sort of base jumping, parachuting style of sport that we are also going to participate in. There is some famous YouTube guy jumping from random spots with his GoPro camera and, using a t-shirt style launcher, shooting random packages with objects and cash around. He is filming the waves of crazy people rushing to them to find treasure or trash in them.

Chris and I start roaming around the mountains jumping and parachuting in areas when we notice a lot of people have vanished and stopped following the YouTube guy. The YouTube guy is closer to us, but in the distance, and we decide to go for his next few packages. As we start heading towards the area he is in, we see him jump and shoot his next package. While he is in the air we saw an object hit his parachute and explode.

Chris tells me to stay where I am and find a spot to hide, while he goes to check out the situation. I pretend to start walking the opposite direction while Chris runs towards the wreckage. Curious, I start jumping and parachuting towards the explosion and Chris, only to hear a creepy little girl and boy quietly talking about some metal explosive boomerang they had found in one of the packages. They are quietly speaking of how they can now complete their mission. I don’t see Chris anywhere, so I try to haul ass away from these creepy children who must have killed all of these people. As soon as I jump off the cliff near here, the creepy little girl sees me and throws the boomerang, piercing my parachute and causing me to fall thousands of feet into the snow below.

I survived, but hear the creepy child nearing my location saying to make sure I am dead to the little boy that was with her. I cannot move, my legs must be broken. So, I start “Minecrafting” where I landed to hopefully hide from these children before they see me. I dig several blocks straight down and put some snow above me to make sure they won’t see where I was. I dig about a 9×9 size area for me to rest and figure out what I should do next. I hear a group of children walking over me saying that I must have parachuted and ran somewhere else. The children walk over my hideout talking about their next victims.

Then, I woke up.

I had to write this dream down when I woke up because it was so odd. Such random details that don’t even go with the story at the beginning.

Just Going to get Groceries…

Had another odd dream.

My husband and I typically get groceries at night because we get to avoid busy grocery stores and traffic. It’s nice being able to go in, not have to dodge rude people, grab what all we need and get home in a timely manner.

Anyways…in my dream…

My husband and I arrived at the grocery store to get a couple of things for the week. We had to park far out in the parking lot because it was actually busy even though it was a week night. When we parked, we noticed something felt off, however we couldn’t pinpoint what exactly. I told him I would wait in the car so that I could just drive to the front of the store and pick him up since we were farther out in the lot than usual. He said ok. I noticed as he was stepping out of the car, the parking lot lights went out, which is odd because they are open 24/7…it was then I noticed a few silhouettes in vehicles nearby all looking our way. What the actual fuck. He hopped back in the car because I was freaking out and he told me I may as well go with him since I seem so paranoid. Another car pulled in about 5 spaces down on the next row over from ours and a man got out and started walking towards the front of the store. My husband assured me that nothing is wrong, let’s go get the groceries and go home so I can rest since I was being so paranoid…wrong. The guy walked a little over halfway to the front of the store from his far parking spot and I spotted some guy getting out of his car near him tapping on a needle with some fluid in it and then immediately within seconds he went behind him, drugged him and others got out of their cars to help him drag the guy to his trunk. My husband then believed me and we went home.

That night, our Ring cameras were going crazy. A red sedan pulled into our driveway with their lights off. Someone got out of the car with medical looking gloves on. They approached our front door and noticed the camera. They had their hood up so we couldn’t see their face but they stood there for a moment as if debating on what to do next. They left and I dozed off finally into a sleep. Something woke me up at 3AM almost on the dot…the dogs weren’t going crazy so it must be nothing.

Next thing I knew I was dozing off again and our closet door creaked open. I opened my Facebook messenger to start typing all of this to my friend, Sarah, because I was creeped out by it all and I decided I should wake my husband up because I was being paranoid again, but… The person launched out of the closet and stabbed me with the needle.

You guys are worried about Papa John’s, but Jimmy John’s is dead to me

Hi, just wanted to share my recent experience from Jimmy John’s with everyone. I didn’t get a chance to type this up yesterday because of work and other life things, so here it goes.Friday July 27, 2018...The Last Jimmy John's I'll ever eat...

Yesterday, I decided for my lunch break I was going to go through the drive thru at Jimmy John’s, so that I may get back to work quickly and eat at my desk to be able to finish my tasks. I was partially wrong in my thought process.

This location located in Atlanta off of Fulton Industrial Blvd. had the rudest customer service I have received in a while. When I pulled up to the speaker box to place my order, the guy on headset asks for my order. I tell him I would like a #16 add extra hot peppers and extra onions, cut in half, take bread out with BBQ chips and a Coke no ice. The end, right? Wrong. He asked me to repeat my sandwich order, so I did a little louder and slower “#16 Club Lulu, add extra hot peppers and extra onions, cut in half, take bread out.” Right after I said the bread out part, he asked me what do I mean bread out. I thought that was what they called it every time I have ever ordered here in person or on the website, but I obliged and told him it’s when you take the center of the bread. I usually order it this way when I eat at my desk so that toppings don’t come sliding out all over the place.
Image result for bread out bread
Anyways, he says “oh ok I got you.” I have already had to repeat my order twice at this point. Upon arriving at the window, I hear him complaining to one of his co-workers about customers. I didn’t know it was about me yet. He then asks me again what I ordered…the complete order….AGAIN, but at this point he leans out with one hand on his headset looking behind the car as if he is looking at the box. I thought he was on headset speaking with someone, but no. He is not even looking at me, he is looking at the box asking for my entire order again. I repeat it slowly, again, at the window with the guy. As he is punching it in, he is mumbling to the guy next to him about customers and shutting the window. I am not much of a confrontational person, so I don’t bother asking anything yet about this. I just want my food and to get back to work. “Freaky Fast” can’t be your motto if you aren’t listening to be able to service the customers. He then opens the window and hands me a not so full cup filled with ice and some soda. I wasn’t sure if it was even mine, so I asked “is this supposed to be my Coke no ice?” and he visibly rolls his eyes, snatches the Coke cup back, pours it out and chunks it upset-like (window is still open) and says to his co-workers around him something along the lines of “see, this is the shit I am talking about. These customers don’t even know what they ordered and….” as he shuts the window and I am opening my mouth to ask what his problem is…but the window closed, so I figure whatever I will just contact them online and never come back. I am sitting there thinking to myself what the heck have I done wrong? When he opens the window again, he finishes complaining about me and “customers” as it opens and hands me the drink and bag with my WRONG sandwich (didn’t know that at the time)in it and says to have a nice day, shutting the window almost immediately to continue complaining. I get back to work, to find my sandwich is not cut in half, has barely any onions or hot peppers, it is still edible, but not what I ordered.

I drove off and told people at work about my experience. We order from there a lot for events and lots of staff orders delivery for their breaks as well. I see Jimmy John’s at once a day (or more). There are tons of other food options in the area, so I would much rather support businesses that want my business than those who do not, hence the title of this blog.

With all the bad news about Papa John’s going on, let’s not forget that it was the owner and that may be HIS personal ideals, but not the workers and definitely not the company’s ideals. The workers are people trying to support their families, they have absolutely no control over their superiors’ actions. Same vice versa, the superiors have no control over their associates’ actions, but they can decide their fate depending on the situation. I personally know a lot of people that work delivery jobs and rely on the tips for their income, so not tipping them hurts tremendously as does not ordering at all. I would like to see John Schnatter lose everything, not for their hard working associates. Unfortunately, John Schnatter owns a lot of the stock in the company too (~24% ish) so the company’s success or failure still will help him or bury him.
Image result for cute thank you
Thank you guys for reading if you have made it this far. I plan to post as things happen, real life events, dreams, whatever. Let me know what you enjoy, like, dislike, etc. and I can try to focus on those things as they happen.

Super Car Racing at Airports

So last night I had a random, crazy dream. I have decided to start typing these up because I can’t make this shit up and sometimes I forget my dream before I’m able to save it somewhere. So, here it goes.

My best friend, Sarah, and I were going to hang out on a Saturday and go bra shopping. For some reason, we ran into some random Russian guy at a department store that approached us and told us how we can illegally drive the fastest cars in the world.
We thought that would be much more fun, so we got the details from him. We bought airport maintenance jumpsuits and a few large random tools and headed for the airport.Image result for airport maintenance suit
Once we arrived at the airport, we had to figure out which runway these vehicles were located at, but we had to be cautious. We approached one of the customer service people (we are both now dressed in our airport maintenance jumpsuits and Sarah is holding a large red wrench on her shoulder and I am holding a few ratchets out in front of me like they have cooties or something). When we began talking to the customer service lady, we told her it was our first day and we were here to tighten some bolts on an airplane. We were there a few minutes trying to ask her with secret words and phrases, but she just was obviously not understanding.
Related image
Some random Russian maintenance scruffy looking guy approached us and told us some cheesy line that went like “Ayyyeeeeee I know the airplane you speak of that needs ayeeeeee few bolts tightened. If you want I could show you girls.” We immediately caught the emphasis on the letter “A” and told him thanks, but we just remembered where it was. We headed to terminal “A” and the Russian maintenance guy followed up. The entry to the terminal was like an exit ramp in a parking garage going down towards something. We could hear loud screeching tires and chatter below.
Image result for exit ramp parking garage
We stood at the top happy we had finally got this far and the Russian guy told us at the top you will find what you are searching for below. We walked down the ramp to the “A” terminal that is below the airport for some reason and immediately smelled burning rubber and gas. We saw a lot of people sitting around in comfy chairs on the sides of the large circular room (the areas they were sitting in looked like rest places at a mall…couch chairs and ugly fake plants).
Image result for rest area mall

Various vehicles were driving very fast on straight ways in the room and some were drifting. A large lady, that looked like the old lady with no teeth meme, approached us. Image result for old lady meme no teeth
She informed us that before we are able to hang out with them and drive these vehicles, we must know that some of these people have AIDS. She also stated in order to be in the same vicinity with them for a long amount of time, we must take this medication and we will be ok. So, Sarah and I both immediately said ok we will take this medicine. She then handed us both a medicine pill bottle filled to the brim with sour skittles and m&ms. We both walked off to a water fountain and ate all of our candy medicines. Image result for medicine pill bottles

We raced all sorts of super cars all day and had a blast.